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Originally Posted by SkullKing View Post
I'm back, if anyone even remembers me haha. School, relationships, and other things have been keeping me busy so I sorta randomly disappeared again :<. Hopefully I can can manage to stay on the forums without random inactivity!
Homestuck on your sig! Go here now. :3
But yes, welcome back, SkullKing! I hope you do manage being a lot more active than before and not go off randomly again like you said. School, relationships and stuff can be a bother, I agree, but you can pull through that. You're a fan of Homestuck, too, so I really think that these types of PC goers should get together and know each other more. I personally would like to know you more because of that fact, haha. The club I linked might be a good start, maybe. Until then, I'll be seeing you around!

Originally Posted by diab_low View Post
Hello guys looks like I'm back on PC. I am so sorry for the long wait I just hat stuff happening and all to fast but I pulled through and now I'm here. I am currently using PC on my iPad so that's good for a start till I get my laptop

P.S. it took me a while to find this place hahahaha :D I am looking forward to get back to posting looking forward to talking with my friends and just doing what I was doing before
Diab_low! Hikari's been looking for you! Where have you been? Welcome back, dude! I can't stop exclaiming because people have wanted you back for quite a while! Everyone within Hikari's circle of friends, pretty much! And you even won in MotY 2012 for being away, iirc! And now you're back! Yay!
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