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No particular order :)

1. Stand By Me
Such a great coming of age film. Really hits home with me. I would really recommend it to everyone.

2. The Strangers
Great suspense film. I literally was at the edge of my seat during this film, and at some points I actually jumped!

3. The Dark Knight
4. The Dark Knight Rises

These two were fantastic. I love all three of the films in Nolans batman trilogy, but these two in particular won me over. First, Heath Ledgers performance of The Joker in The Dark Knight will always be one to remember. Second, The Dark Knight Rises included all the action and adventure I expect from Batman. So naturally, they make the list.

5. The Fighter
I actually just saw this one recently for the first time and its fantastic. Christian Bale was hardly recognizable in this film as he portrayed a crack addict. I recommend this film to everyone.

6. Mean Girls
Do I need to explain about this one? ;)

7. The Lion King
Always has been and always will be my favorite Disney film. Watched it since I was little and never get tired of it.

8. Shutter Island
9. Inception
Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors, and he is incredible in these two films. I like Shutter Island because of the suspense and twist ending, and I like Inception because of the total mind**** it causes! Really makes you think.

10. The Hunger Games
Just great adventure film that was actually true to the book it was based on.
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