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I wasn't trying to argue about Darkrai though, I just found his personality in PMD:EoT/D to be more fitting of what I pictured him to be to begin with(pokedex entries/anime/movies aside): a being who longed to rule a truly dark and depressing world because, well, it is 'evil'.

Hell, I even agree to an extent that it would possibly be more interesting than fitting.

What's upsetting to me(though it is more of a reality in our world), however, is how we humans are always the ones who so call bring out the evil in things within the Pokemon world. I really doubt that every last Pokemon, without our intervention, would just be some natural goody goody with natural instincts. Maybe so for regular forest/ocean dwelling ones who would probably just do whatever it is they do daily(like regular animals) but don't forget we also have Pokemon that can clearly think for themselves and have a much better understanding of things. Though they are usually portrayed by legendaries or just extremely rare Pokemon, they still exist so there is a (slight) chance that one could be just downright wicked.
Don't you think Hoenn deserves to be at least this beautiful?

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