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    Ah, but you see, it's just like wildlife in the real world. Animals act on instinct, not developed thought like humans do. Sure, monkeys and dolphins can be taught tricks and octopi can open jars, but those are just developments of animals with higher intelligence in an effort to survive. A wild monkey learns to forage for food while a trained one learns to perform for it. There is no serious thought process involved, they're just doing what they have to to survive.

    Pokemon, in the wild, are much the same. They eat, sleep, and they battle because it is in their nature. They aren't innately evil. Even the ones with higher thinking capacities, like Alakazam or Lugia, have never been portrayed as evil because they simply aren't. As I previously stated, evil behavior is the result of experiences not normally met in the wild. And, most of those experiences are the cause of human interference.

    Now, discussing legendaries, keep in mind that these are powerful creatures with a much longer life span than the average Pokemon. They have had the time to analyze humans and see how we behave and have been given the opportunity to draw their own conclusions as to whether we are friends or foes. If they deem us enemies and rally Pokemon to attack us, are they doing it out of evil, or because they think we are a threat to their well-being? It would be the second choice.

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