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Still looking for a B2/W2 ROM that will work for my R4i SDHC. So my team didn't change all that much, just a few levels, nothing else. Although, it's important to note that I got Pokerus from my starter right at the beginning of the game. It's my first time getting Pokerus, which is cool.

-Got back Peeko
-Got back Devon Goods
-Got the PokeNav
-Rode to Dewford on Boat
-Got Flash HM
-VS Brawly
--VS Machop: Confusion(x6) w/ Sub
--VS Makuhita: Confusion(x5) w/ Sub
-Obtained Knuckle Badge


Twin [BEAUTIFLY] Lv14 (F)
Adamant Nature @Miracle Seed
-Poison Sting

Sub [DUSTOX] Lv15 (M)
Quirky Nature @Quick Claw
Shield Dust
-Poison Sting

December [NINCADA] Lv13 (M)
Lax Nature @Silk Scarf
-Leech Life