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Dear Anon,

Well, I know I said I'm sorry. And I really am. I could blame Kels, but in the end, it's all my fault. I moved way to fast, and because of that, I made things awkward. And yeah, I know I said I'm sorry and you accepted, but I feel like you're still avoiding me. Or maybe I'm just being hyperobservant and over analyzing ****. Listen, I might like you, but I value our friendship first and foremost. And if liking you in that way compromises our friendship, then I'd rather just be friends, and forget Tuesday ever happened. You barely respond to my FB messages or texts. I really am sorry. And about us hanging out over the break. That was never meant to be a date. When I had asked if you were down to chilling out and blowing off steam after this whole performance was over, I legit just wanted two friends hanging out. I don't know what you're thinking that was now, but it wasn't supposed to be a date. Now that you know how I feel, I don't blame you if you think otherwise. I'd love to hang out, I really do. But if you feel that'd be too awkward, you can cancel.

Long story short, I want everything to go back to the way it was before Tuesday.

he did it, not me.