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Whether a pokemon's design or the stats or some other reason...some Pokemon are so painful to think about being canon that your best course of action is to have selective amnesia.

Now to keep from nitpicking on the same pokemon from a certain generation over and over, I strongly suggest you pick one pokemon per generation.

With 649 pokemon as of right now to choose from (6th generation list not available yet), anyone with says "I can do no such thing!" to this request is a LIAR!

Here's my picks:

1st generation: Jynx (It's creepy! Especially now with purple skin...ewww...)
2nd generation: Politoed (Pointless evolution...and not that great for battles either.)
3rd generation: Armaldo (Anorith is so cute and they ruined it by making it evolve!!)
4th generation: Mamoswine (Why did they have to give it eyes? If it had shaggy hair, I would have loved it!)
5th generation: Garbodor (for literally being garbage!)

So who are your "black sheeps" of the pokemon world and why?

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