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Yeah, and a local gun show that happened at my area went successfully without much in the way of any incidents. I poll over the newspaper at work daily and not once did I see a report of something bad going on at the gun show recently.

Bad things happen with everything. People abuse their rights or accidents happen regardless of training. Every time you get in a car, you risk an accident with someone or causing one. Every time you get on a bike, you risk hitting something. Every time you go skiing, you run the risk of injury or death. Every time you drink alcohol you run the risk of stopping your heart. Every time you smoke you increase the risk of cancer. Every time you eat you increase the risk of choking. Every time you get on an airplane, there's always the danger of a crash. Every time I take a night walk I run the risk of getting attacked by a wild animal or some nut jumps me for my wallet or decides to shoot me with a gun; guess what, I still go out walking at night anyway.

People need to stop being so afraid all the time and realize that life and everything in it is hazardous, dangerous, and can carry a risk of injury or death. If you're so concerned about safety, put yourself in a bubble and never go outside or handle anything or make any contact with any organic or inorganic substance ever again. Then you still end up dead anyway.
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