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I don't watch movies to often, but when I do:

Pokemon Movies - any random movie I want to watch, I own all 15 on DVD.

Wayne's World - I never get tired of watching Wayne and Garth

Jackass - I always crack up in their movies - especially with Steve-O and Wee-Man/Preston Lacey skits, I own all 3 on DVD

Scary Movie - I love the comedy movies, were their making fun of horror movies, I really love the 2nd film

Dumb & Dumber - I always laugh at the film, one of my all time favorites

"Born in East L.A.", "Shrimp on the Barbie", "Up in Smoke" and many other movie with my favorite actor/comedian Cheech Marin

Animated Movies - when I don't know what to watch, I watch cartoons movies some include: "Espiritu del Bosque", "El Lince Perdido", "Aventuras de Roman, El Zorro" (in Spanish), "Cat Returns" "Night on the Galactic Railroad", "Barefoot Gen", "Bagi Monster of Mighty Nature" (in Japanese, too lazy to find the Japanese titles), others worth mentioning: "Vuk" & "Macskafogo" (Hungarian), "Pelle Svanslos" (Swedish), "Jungledyret Hugo" (in Danish), "Max & Co" (in French) - I may not understand what they say (except for the Spanish films), but I seen them on YouTube with English subtitles (split into 10 or 11 parts). I don't like too many Animated movies in English
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