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    You partner fire types: Cyndaquil and arcanine

    Why do you like fire types?: Cos fire types are the best types I think. I always choose the fire type starters for a first playthrough, and thats cos you can always find a way to use a fire type to get past a gym even with a type disadvantage, like brock in RBY, or roxanne in RSE. Plus fire types can just burn other types. Flamethrower is so cool, and they have blast burn to deal out serious damage, even if its not a competitively viable so I hear. Also my favoruite gym leaders specialised in fire, blaine and flannery/

    Talk about the Pokemon you chose while joining this club.I chose cyndaquil cos the cyndaquil, quilava typhlosion line is my favorite pokemon line of all time. Mainly cos its what I always choose when I'm journeying through johto, and cos I've done it so many times with them. Also cos back in gold/silver days you could easily beat the game with just typhlosion, after you taught it thunderpunch.And just because typhlosion is so awesome. I chose arcanine cos it really looks super cool, and my recent black 2 playthrough proved its a pretty good battler. Honourable mention in this catergory would also go to houndoom, charizard, and reshiram.