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Well basically this is a game where a person edits a sprite, the next edits the sprite of the previous person and so on.


1. All forum wide rules and Pixel Projects games rules apply.
2. Please only focus on editing the sprite.
3. Don't post unless you are making an edit to the sprite or asking a question about the game.
4. Don't change the background of the sprite.
5. Save the sprite in PNG.
6. Simple recolour is not allowed.
7. You can only start a new sprite if the previous sprite looks unrecognizable.
8.(Regarding Rule 7) You can only start a new sprite if the previous sprite was changed at least 5 times. Also if you have made a change, please allow the next person to decide on starting a new sprite or not because they might want to edit it further.
9. Don't submit an already edited pokemon sprite to start a new round.



Lets start with
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