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    Originally Posted by ppooookkkkkkk View Post
    I would've love to help newbies too. But i can't script :\

    About the topic. I also noted that people only post on those projects who are like already improved. I know scripters get to show their work in front of more people. But it doesn't mean Beginner/A little un supported projects can't get famouse too maybe with a lil bit of help they can skyrocket too! I wish i could script on ruby. So i could help all the newbies .
    But you have other talents and knowledge, haven't? Script is only a example. There several ways to help the community. Some examples: Making sprites, guides, and even finding errors, opinions and suggestions.

    Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
    I think you're misunderstanding the sentiment - I really don't care if anyone here is a good person in any sense of the word. I offer criticism to help people become better game developers, and as I stated in my last post constant praise can cause people to stagnate.
    Something too sincere may sounds discouraging for the authors, even if you have good intentions. The fanworks, specially the games, are delicate things for the authors. When I criticize some project/game to the developers, before I talk about things that need improvement I try to highlight good points too (sometimes this requires a good effort).

    Originally Posted by Ayutac View Post
    I disagree here. While making games can be fun, I think the focus should be on completing them. Don't you hate it when you play a wonderful game and realize you can't go further because no one developed it further, and not only yet but never because he/she quitted? You would miss the part you can't play ever. If this game would have never been released, you wouldn't miss anything. It's a bit like love. But personally, I would pass the joy for not having to miss it. The game I mean.
    The second thing is, this is "Game Development" and not "Game Let's start one and never finish it". If one just wants to mess around a little bit / have fun with others, there is the RPG-Section for that.
    I may sound radical to you, but these are my thoughts.
    Good point. If you don't finish your game or take some years to do, this can disappoints the people that follow the project.
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