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>> AVA
>> The Broken Keg, Dalenham, Eveamoor

Avangeline clapped her hands at the acceptance of a new quest. As much as she would have liked a fortnight or so's rest between now and her next job, nobody could turn down seventy pieces of gold as well as a split of 200 at the end. Who was this man? Not a merchant, that was for sure. Avangeline was too polite to pry at a client (though Cass seemed happy enough to do it for her) but she couldn't help but feel that there was a certain danger brewing and closing in. Luckily, Avangeline loved danger! To be given an opportunity to both show off and improve her skills was not something she passed up. Ever.

"Hark my friends!" Eveylnn cheered. "I would soon be showered with my father's blood if I did not gain such a furious and handsomly-paid task, working along side such beautiful people. The talented Eveylnn shall accompany thee, and I would gladly dance your fears and troubles away. Until then, sleep well! I hope you will dream of me.. tonight."

"Huzzah!" Avangeline raised her cup into the air and downed the rest of her mead. "To find work so fast is unheard of. You weren't wrong when you said that work finds us, Varian."

She ordered another mead, which was brought to her shortly afterwards with the others' drinks. She took another gulp and instead of discussing something productive like the upcoming mission, she decided to go with something very useless.

"You know what we are in need of?" Avangeline drew out her question, but did not wait for anyone to answer it. "A name! Every band of mercenaries has a name, regardless of their time spend together."

She pondered a minute, though several names popped into her head instantly. It was a matter of sorting the crazy from the appropriate.

"How about... the Magnificent Seven? Wait... no," Avangeline tapped her lip. Wasn't there a band of horseman that went by the same name? "As we met in Dalenham, which is governed under our beautiful Sky Queen, why don't we name ourselves the Windwalkers? It has a nice ring to it and sounds fearful if you say it in a low enough tone by a barkeeper. What do you think?"
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