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Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
Finally was able to get Black2 today. So now my journey on Black2 begins!!

I picked Rosa cause I think she looks better.
(Spheal with it.)

Starter Pokemon: Tepig

So my journey started when my mom told me to go find a girl named Bianca cause she would give me a starter Pokemon. So I went out to find her. On my way, I found my good old friend Hugh who was with his sister. She seemed really excited when I told her I was getting my Pokemon today. Practically jumping for joy. Hugh was an anxious one , he wanted to get out of town to find new trainers to battle since he already had his starter with him. We searched through Aspertia City looking for Bianca. I couldn't find her anywhere only I figured it would be best to find her on the lookout. Hugh followed me and sure enough she was there. For an assistant for Professor Juniper, she sure was ditsy. But sure enough, she let me pick a starter. After some thinking I finally looked at Tepig and made him my partner. Soon after , Bianca handed me a Pokedex and told me to fill it out by catching as many Pokemon as I can. Just as Bianca was done speaking about the Pokedex, she also suggested that me and Hugh test our wits in a Pokemon battle. Hugh was very excited that he was finally able to show off the Oshawott he hatched from an egg. Wait?? AN EGG?? Wish I thought of that. But anyway, the battle was pretty easy. Hugh was surprised that his Oshawott lost. So being frustrated with his lost, he ran off to get stronger and train. After that awkwardness Bianca decided to give me a tour of the Pokemon Center. She showed me around telling me about the box, and Poke Mart. All of this I knew about. Good thing is that she gave me ten Pokeballs as a gift. Once we left the Pokemon Center, my mom and Hugh's sister showed up. She heard about the journey I was going on and wanted to give me a gift to help me. I received the Running Shoes! Now I can run and move faster. Hugh's sister gave me an exciting gleam in her eye as she handed me a Town Map. She seemed very happy that I had a Pokemon and wanted me to take good care of it. As soon as I was free, Bianca suggested I head down to Route 19 so she could show me how to catch a Pokemon. I looked around town for a bit before heading out. I looked at the map and noticed I had two. Wondering why I had two , Hugh's sister asked me to deliver one to her brother. Once I was ready, I went out to Route 19. Just as I went inside the gate to the route, the nice attendant there gave me a Potion. And soon I was at Route 19 where Bianca was waiting. After a little bit of talking, she will showed me how to catch a Pokemon. She demonstrated by catching a Purrloin with a Lilipup. Soon after she suggested I go forward to Flocessy Town and deliver that map.

Before arriving to Flocessy Town, I was stopped by the legendary man named Alder. Noticing my Tepig needed some good training he told me he'd help boost my Pokemon up. Alder gave me a confused look his face as if he saw ghost and then proceeded to ask why I had two maps. After explaining myself, he recalled seeing a boy with an Oshawott not to long ago head to Route 20. So I dashed off to Route 20 with out much thinking. In the route I found various Pokemon trainers who wanted to battle me. They were no match for my Tepig and he grew to level 8 and learned Ember!. Not knowing where Hugh would be, I looked all throughout the route. One hiker even stopped me in the middle of my search to tell me I couldn't go pass there till I got my first badge. Wow, r00d. I finally spotted Hugh near Flocessy Ranch. He wanted to see how much tougher I've gotten and we sparred off again and battled. I was a little worried we'd lose caus eI figured his Oshawott learned Water Gun by now. I didn't have any other Pokemon besides Tepig so I was afraid of losing, but luckily we won! Hugh was sad he lost and wanted to apologize to his partner. Just then a couple of people came by. They appeared to be the owners of the ranch and guess what they were. The owner and his wife was surprised by all the excitement going on at their ranch and our battled filled them with energy. Feeling young, his wife handed me and Hugh Potions. But they were soon saddened after that cause they said they lost one of their Herdier somewhere in the Ranch. This angered Hugh greatly as he was then determined to find it. He dragged me along reluctantly. I figured, sure why not, they're could be good Pokemon and trainers there.

Searching for Herdier, I did happened to run into a few trainers who I battled and won against. This leveled Tepig up to level 11 so I went searching for a second Pokemon to train. I was lucky to have found a Riolu, something that is very rare. I was lucky and caught it on the first try. Naming it Riley, I felt pretty content and returned to looking for the ranch owner's Herdier. As I trench further into the grove with Hugh trailing along, I heard a faint barking. I was certain that was Herdier and followed the sound of it's voice. While tracking down where Herdier's bark resonated from, I happened to see a man with weird clothing so seemed to have found the owner's old mutt.. He had orange hair and was kind of dressed like a ninja. I approached him dauntingly hoping he wasn't a threat. Upon approaching the ninja-dude, Herdier barked a loud cry. Hugh must of heard it cause he ran off to get it's owner leaving me to deal life the intimidating guy in black. Great going Hugh. This guy claimed to be a member of Team Plasma a group who is known to cause fear in the hearts of those who stand before it, then asking if I heard of it. I wasn't really familiar with them so I answered no and he proceeded to tell his story. They apparently took over Unova 2 years ago in to liberate Pokemon. I wasn't entirely pay attention and didn't really care. This frustrated him along with the fact he got lost chasing Herdier and me catching him trying to chase. In his anger, he tossed and item at me. Baffled as to why someone would do that, I picked up the Pokeball and in which inside was a TM number 21 or called Frustration. Then the Plasma Grunt ran out in "frustration". (good metaphor there Game Freak) Hugh came soon after with the owner of the ranch who thanked me for finding his Herdier. I then remember I had to go see Alder so after being thank by the owner and his wife, I dashed back to Flocessy Town.

I meet back up again with Alder at Flocessy Town. Judging my Pokemon , he noticed we've grown alot stronger and decided I didn't really need training . But instead we could assist him with somethings. I followed him into what looked like a training school. Inside was two young students; a girl and a boy. The girl believed that she would be helping me training but it turned out I was teaching her and the boy. I battled both of them as part of their training. The girl had a Pansage which was easy for Tepig's type advantage. Although the boy had Panpour, a Water type, or my type disadvantage, I still won. Soon after the battles Alder explained to me the type matchups I already knew , healed my Tepig and I was soon on my way out. Just the moment I was out a creepy man in a white coat and weird glasses was staring at me. he said "don't tell anyone" and gave me a discreet-looking box. Unsure he was a pedo or not I gave him a "okay?" look. Good thing he explained himself and said that it was a Metal Box used to collect Medals. Oh boy I heard of these. You get a medal for every little achievement you do. The guy gave me 15 medals that what was called Hint Medals and one called the First Step medal. He even said that he will give me more medals if I came to the Pokemon Center. I still don't trust him, but I went to the Pokemon Center anyway since I needed to buy some items. I bought what I needed and healed my Pokemon. As expected, the creepy glasses medal guy was there. I was scared crapless he would hurt me , but I managed to approach him. To my surprise, he just gave me more Hint Medals and a Medal called the Sweet Home Medal. I was feeling relieved and headed back to Aspertia City where I stopped at for now.

Long first entry though hopefully the rest are shorter.

Here's my team/party as of now

lv 12
Tail Whip
Odor Sleuth

lv. 6
String Shot

(nicknamed: Riley)
lv. 8
Quick Attack

Alot has happened in Black 2 since my last post. In fact I restarted my game. It just felt weird being the girl even though I've done it before. Beside's Nate's design is starting to grow on me.
Anyway, here's me now:

Name: Aaron
Nature: Hardy
Trainer Type: PKMN Ranger
Starter: Tepig

Anyway, I pretty much have the same team as last time except a few changes. Caught up with where I pretty much last saved in the last game, plus I did some extra. The last gym I beat was Elesa and man, gotta tell you I love how her newly remodeled gym. I mean DAT MUSIC Going through it makes me feel very confident and full of energy. Best gym music ever. Anyway, I easily took her down with my Krokorok and his earthquake. No longer having two Emolga CONSTANTLY USING VOLT SWITCH made it easier to beat her. After that she gave me a Bolt Badge and Volt Switch. On my way out she asked me to walk with her down the catwalk. Walking down the catwalk with Elesa was actually pretty cool. I'm such a diva now. After that battle, me and Hugh faced up against Team Plasma. Soon after the battle Hugh explained to me his emotional story of how Team Plasma stole his sister's Purrloin 5 years ago. After the sad-story , I headed to route 5 where Bianca should me a cool place called the Hidden Grottos. I managed to fail to catch the Mincinno there cause I accidentally ran away. T__T After venturing through the Route and running into the Heartbreaker Charles , I finally made it to Driftveil City. Upon my arrival, I noticed an interesting scene. A Team Plasma member was trying to get a weird guy in a knight outfit to steal Pokemon with him. Turns out the knight dude was an Ex-Team Plasma member who has now changed for good. Just then Hugh shows up and beats the crap out the Team Plasma member taunting the Ex-Plasma. Also learned that Team Plasma split into two groups: ones who side with Ghetsis (we'll call them Neo-Team Plasma) to take over Unova and ones who side with N to save Pokemon. (Ex-Team Plasma) The Ex-Team Plasma invited me to their new home next to the Gym to hear their story. At their base , I was greeted by one of Ghetsis' former henchmen, Rood. He challenged me to a battle to test my skills. After winning the battle, Hugh came charging by looking for the Neo Plasma who ran off. Rood figured we were friends and invited both of us inside. Once inside , Rood made a proper introduction only to then be interrupted by Hugh. Think these guys were still part of Team Plasma, he was pretty frustrated at Rood and the ex-Team Plasma for stealing his sister's Purrloin. Rood explained to him that they are former Plasma and apologized for whoever stole Hugh's sister's Purrloin. Hugh didn't accept his apology and demanded Rood to tell him where his sister's Purrloin was at. Rood seemed unsure and told him that someone from Neo-Plasma probably still has her Purrloin. Still mad, he stormed off to the Gym. In return to listening , Rood gave me a Zorua that once was owned by N who apparently went off to a far away land.

I decided to level up N's Zorua a bit at the Small Court and Big Stadium in Nimbasa. Then after that I spent some quality time in Join Avenue. I've been doing way too much of Magenmite chaining so my Avenue is currently at Rank 6. After that we went back to Driftveil City. I wanted to grind a bit before battling Clay so I went ahead to Route 6 battled the first few trainers there. I also ran into Charles once again, taught me about Triple Battles. After my first triple battle, we did more grinding in Route 6. Along the way we got a call on the lost Xtransceiver from Yancy. She seemed curious about the type of Pokemon I liked. She thought it was neat that I liked cool Pokemon. I also happned to find the Hidden Grotto there where I caught a Foongus with a Regenerator ability at lv. 20. I also caught another Foongus at level 30 who thought they were wise by disguising their-self as a Pokeball. Clever guy. I am now at Driftveil City where I last saved and next time I play I will train a bit more and then battle Clay!

Current team:

Pignite ♀ lv. 29
Naive nature
- Arm Thrust
- Rollout
- Strength
- Flame Charge

Satchel ♂ lv. 29
Careful nature
- Assurance
- Covet
- Quick Attack
- Bite

Cirno ♂ lv. 29
Naive nature
- Take Down
- Charge
- Confuse Ray
- ThunderPunch

Miho ♀ lv. 30 (If you get the reference for the nickname, then you're awesome.)
Serious nature
- Aqua Tail
- Return
- BubbleBeam
- Double-Edge

Riley ♂ lv. 28
Mild nature
- Rock Smash
- Force Palm
- Endure
- Counter

(traded over an egg from White version)
Rufflet ♂ lv. 29
Careful nature
- Wing Attack
- Slash
- Sky Drop
- Aerial Ace

I've been switching between Azumarill and a my Krokorokand using Miho only when Surf is needed. (Though I may make Azumarill other a permanent member if Surf is needed more than I think. Or replace it with something like Jellicent. )
Here's Krokorok info

Irwin ♂ lv. 31
Rash nature
- Dig
- Swagger
- Sand Tomb
- Rock Tomb

It all depends which I want on my team more and which is better. But for now, Azumarill is in my team mainly to help me beat Clay easier.
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