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Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post

And people holding grudges is just something that is always going to happen in this kind of community. The majority of members are young and still immature, so will tend to hold grudges against people instead of thinking it out logically. People from this section have held grudges against me, but I really haven't taken it at all seriously because I know they're just immature. A lack of good moderation at times (such as when there were no mods) also hasn't helped.
A good point but it's too personal really, you can't blame the downfall of the section based on someone that does or doesn't have a grudge. If they do hold a grudge, they're more likely to not even look at the thread or talk to the member, that happens everywhere. It's not a sole reason for this all.
I agree that what really put a spanner in the works was having no mod, but that's not the GameDev community's fault. Hell, mods sometimes even leave off topic threads in the wrong section here open, just to stop this whole place from dying.

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