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Happy new year to everyone
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    Hello everyone i have bad news and good news!
    Here are the bad news : In pokemon firered and pokemon emerald! Pokemon Emerald => i lost my save file T_T .... In pokemon firered => it got Broken just like that o-o and Pokemon Black => restarted the game by mistake and my friend borrowed it then i gave it to him O_O
    And now the good news
    I bought Pokemon White
    I am Willing and Saving to buy Pokemon White 2
    I managed to transfer all my Shiny Pokemon to Pokemon Leafgreen that my cousin has
    I almost get the needed money to buy pokemon white 2
    and sine i got pokemon white I WILL START hunting shinies
    Wish me good luck Uhhh @_@ btw i am totally busy with my school and exams tho i am texting on my phone i just have to wait for 3 days [monday and etc etc] AND I WILL FINISH EXAMS and i think i will be free for 15 days [mid term holiday] and then i will go back to school again T_T well thats all for now

    Shines i caught
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