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    Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
    It was hailing a few hours ago and it was super strange. My American roommate was surprised to see us so amazed by the hail because it doesn't happen often here at all. He was also confused because apparently hail in South Carolina is almost always an inch or bigger whereas we were insisting the small pellets tonight were hail as well. We nearly mistook this for snow but then realized it was far too warm for snow and it accompanied a thunderstorm so it was more likely to be hail. Does anyone else remember getting hail much at all? I think it's more common in warmer atmospheres (so further south) and I don't think I've ever seen a piece of hail that was even golf ball-sized, nevermind bigger.

    It was pretty neat but I wish it would just hurry up and snow again here. T_T; I hate the fake spring Southern Ontario got last week. Now it's just muddy and icy everywhere and my walk to the bus sucks.

    LEAFS because they're my Dad's team so I grew up rooting for them too. And they're undefeated thus far in the season, too! I was so confused when I checked the score last night and saw they'd beaten the Canadiens. :P Then again, I think they started off fairly well last year too and it didn't last long.

    I don't have TV though and I'm not much of a hockey fan. I'll pay attention if a Canadian team makes it to the finals and I'll watch Olympic games or international tournaments if I'm visiting my parents or something but I don't go out of my way.
    I was coming from Toronto Airport this summer with my grandparents and it just all of a sudden started pouring rain. There was thunderstorms and marble sized hail too; it was pretty crazy.
    I can never bring myself to cheer for the Maple Leafs, despite being from Toronto. I cheer for the Bruins instead.
    In they Olympics, however, I ALWAYS cheer for Canada, even if they're playing the US. So that makes up for it, I guess. x)
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