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Originally Posted by sρεcтяα View Post
For some reason, I immediately thought of Disney stores. There could be a shop in the shape of a Pokemon, like the Battle Pike in Emerald that sells special items, or something similar.
EVEN BETTER, THEY CAN SELL DISNEY. Wonderful marketing idea for Disney tbh. But by saying Disney you made me think of Toys R Us! What about something as fun as one of those stores for those playing the games? :3 I mean as a kid that used to be one of the most exciting places ever! I'd like it to be in a city, though. On a route again would seem not really unique. But oh my God I want a store designed after Toys R Us, idc what it sells BUT AS LONG AS IT'S AWESOME and has fun things to do in there so people can stay there for more than just buying things!

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