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Originally Posted by tente2 View Post
Hello Miksy! I just wanted to say, that I've begun to play Beta 3.1 and it's great! What you already have is fantastic, and a cut above the majority of other fanmade games. Beta 4 can only get better.
Thanks, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it
And yeah, beta 4 will definitely be better. I've fixed several issues like the sleeping guard scenery in the beginning. Instead of having to obtain Bulbasaur, you've to do something that will actually make sense for trying to wake him up, and other stuff similar to that.

Originally Posted by tente2 View Post
I think Pokemon Dark Energy (I remember when it was called Dark Future...) will be one of those games that everybody remembers, one of the few that is completed and one of the few people actually enjoy.
I hope you're right here. It would be shame to see this hack being forgotten a year or two after it being complete. It's always possible that can happen; after all, many people think this is a graphically "bad-looking" hack and don't even feel like trying it out because of that.

Originally Posted by tente2 View Post
So, I really appreciate what you've been doing so far, and I want to say: thank you!
Thanks to you for also taking your time for saying something about it! You know, I totally respect people who don't just download a hack, enjoy it and leave no feedback whatsoever. Unlike most players tend to do.
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