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Hey hey, welcome to PC, Bey-Heart! I'm loving your N avatar, have you been keeping up with the new anime saga featuring him?

This is really the only big Pokemon community I've been loyal to since I find it the best place of them all to be. The forum is pretty mature and an overall great place to be! You'll love our Emulation and Game Development sections if that's what you're into; glad you've already heard of them and hopefully they provide you with all the tools you need. I'm interested in PC's fangames as well, though admittedly the only non-hack I've played was Raptor... but it was a really wonderful game! <3; In fact, I kind off miss it. Are you making or planning to make a game soon? How is that going, if so? I've always wanted to make my own hack but that never really went anywhere haha.

Anyway, I see you've already posted around a bit, so hopefully you like this place so far. :D I'm sure you'll be a-okay if you're within the rules, and they're not even very hard to follow. If you're ever confused, a staff member would love to help you, so utilize that to your advantage whenever you're lost. Have a splendid time on PC and hopefully you stay active and we run into each other again down the road. :3

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