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    Originally Posted by Ayutac View Post
    I disagree here. While making games can be fun, I think the focus should be on completing them. Don't you hate it when you play a wonderful game and realize you can't go further because no one developed it further, and not only yet but never because he/she quitted? You would miss the part you can't play ever. If this game would have never been released, you wouldn't miss anything. It's a bit like love. But personally, I would pass the joy for not having to miss it. The game I mean.
    The second thing is, this is "Game Development" and not "Game Let's start one and never finish it". If one just wants to mess around a little bit / have fun with others, there is the RPG-Section for that.
    I may sound radical to you, but these are my thoughts.
    Reading this post has irritated me quite a bit. No matter which you spin this sections name off, it will always be a section for others to show off their work. People like you don't seem to realise this one fact, these games are not made by dedicated teams, most of them are made by either a single person, or on average 3-5 people. They are not getting paid to make these games, they do not have to complete it just to please others who are playing the game for FREE. It's a hobby of theirs to try out making their own fan game of an existing franchise, it's not their job, it's not the peoples choice as to whether it gets finished, it's their time, their project, if they don't want to finish the game anymore due to lack of interest, then it's up to them, not us. At the end of the day, yes, it does make disappointment to those who are following the game, but quite frankly, if you want a game complete, do it yourself. Note, "Game Development Come here to discuss your games, and the tools used to create them." not "Game Development Come here to complete your game so arrogant gits can complain about it" nor "Game Development Come here to not finish your game."

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