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Hey there, Olivia! Welcome welcome to PC yeah! n~n

Oh, a new forumer, I see? Well, you should start by familiarizing yourself with the rules to make sure you avoid making mistakes. I know some members assume our rules are the same basic ones that any other forum has and skip by them... and then end up not realizing that we have a one-month thread revival rule, eep. D: So it's definitely worthwhile to read through 'em! Just a little reminder. Anyway, I wouldn't say being a gen. 3 lover is unpopular. I've seen a handful of fans and adore it myself, actually! <3; Like the others suggested, definitely stop by the Advanced Generation Games for anything third gen-related, from R/S/E to FR/LG. Emerald is actually my favorite game and I use it for most of my challenges among other things. Not sure why, but it's just so fun to replay and super addicting. Who was your favorite Hoenn starter? If you say Treecko, you get a cookie

But wow, you have a lot of interests, which I'm sure will only make your experience more enjoyable here. :D We have a place to talk about almost everything here. Our lovely regulars already made many suggestions so there's not much left for me to suggest you, haha. Stinks you're allergic to cats.. those are my favorite animals so I'd be a bit sad if it were the same in my case. Any animal lover is awesome in my book, though! I stopped by the pet store a few days ago and actually considered getting a bunny but one cat alone is already a handful to take care of. xD;

Loved reading and replying to your introduction - I'm sure you'll fit in perfectly as you do seem like a wonderful person! Feel free to contact me anytime if you'd like to chat! :D

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