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    There are many great points here in this thread. I haven't had time to read them all, but the gist of things is easy to pick up, myself being a member and a part of the game development empire of Pokecommunity for about 6 or 7 years. I think that as the Game Development section has progressed over the last few years, we have strayed from the basic ideas that give existence to the section itself. The problem isn't on decreasing numbers of finished games, no. It is deeper. It is a problem that leads to few games, and fewer interested members. A big problem I seem to see all the time revolves around the cockiness of greater experienced users. When I was new here years ago, I was welcomed to warm responses from advanced users such as Flameguru. These users brought me to the experience level that I am at now (not just with the RPG Maker program and infamous starter kit, but in game development overall). Nowadays when you see a new user show up here, you also see their attempts to fit in thwarted by some random arrogant user. I can't help but to feel sorry for the new user, since I realize that I was once new to all of this. I don't fully understand how they feel, though, since I was never given destructive criticism back years ago. It must be intimidating for them, and probably turns many away from this section. If we could bring in more new users, and allow them to hit the ground running with enough experience to get farther on their own, then perhaps we wouldn't have to worry about the eventual death of this portion of the most beloved Pokémon forum. We have many tutorials, but I feel that there needs to be a very long and detailed tutorial, almost a book, that could allow these users to get going, or maybe a sub thread for new users that is accompanied by an advanced one, that involves some type of schooling. That's just my two-cents. If anyone agrees, then great. If anyone doesn't, then post some kind of arrogant response giving reason on why your opinion is better than mine - I dare you.
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