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    I know these points. "most of them are made by either a single person, or on average 3-5 people." and "not getting paid to make these games, [...] just to please others who are playing the game for FREE" apply to me as well.
    Of course they don't have the duty to finish, as people don't have that when writing stories or painting images. But it sucks when they don't and they should start with the attitude to finish and trying their best to do so after recognizing their game is somewhat popular. Or at least release the source code or something like that...

    As said, I may sound a little bit radical. Maybe because I'm a mathematican / computer scientist. I'm used to get things finished. You can't code a package halfway and release it then, same goes for proofs. And being an author before these two, I'm also sad when you don't finish a story.

    EDIT: But I may add that it is fascinating how you guys actually got a new form to express the love to the fandom, standing aside with writing, drawing and composing: Creating games.
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