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    As Leon was walking out of Route 1 he was stopped by a strange kid. Leon looked at him with a look of confusion. "Where did he come from?" Leon asked his partner Konoha. The Snivy shrugged her shoulders showing that she did not know either. Leon and Snivy exchanged looks then looked back at the strange kid. "Why hello my dear boy my name is Leon and In traveling to become a top coordinator. May I ask why you're stopping me from leaving this route I've been stick on for too long?" Leon was trying to be polite to this stranger but he really wanted to go.

    That's when the boy asked if he could travel along with Leon. Leon made a small sigh. "Why must everyone try to interfere with my training? I just want to work alone and go at my own pace. If I let this kid come along can I really rely on him not to be a hindrance?" Leon was having an inner monologue that had created an awkward silence.

    Leon glanced up again and saw that this kid had an Eevee. Leon immediately pushed the kid aside in excitement. "You have an Eevee?! The gem of coordinators because it can be versatile in its evolutions for contest. I've always dreamed of catching one and then having a whole contest team of Eevee!" Once his excitement died down, Leon looked back at the kid.

    "Alright, you can travel with me. By watching you raise your Eevee I will definitely be able to get a better analysis to raise my own." Leon stretched out his hand to pick up the kid from the ground. "Sorry for knocking you to the ground. So what is your name new travel partner?"
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