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Originally Posted by guitargodd97 View Post
I'm doing a little project where I kind of mess with sounds of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Particularly I'm playing around with how certain sounds harmonize together and making creative rhythmic beats. For now, I'm building off of someone else's tabs, but as I get more accustomed to dealing with the music, I plan to build it all from scratch.

Opening Title
Honestly, I'm not sure the music really flows too well... It seems really sporadic and a lot of the notes don't really seem like they fit the music. That's not to say the piece isn't good though, there are some parts that flow really well and sound much better than the original (eg when it first goes into the POKÉMON screen), but some bits aren't so good (eg when May's riding her bike) and they somewhat spoil the music for me :( The idea you're working with is great and I'd love to see more pieces like this, but perhaps making your own original tunes could be worth a try so you're not having to fit in with a pre-determined style? Just an idea :) Although in saying that, I can't wait to see the building it all from scratch version!