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    Hello Pikadav ! Firstly if you wish to play in tournaments, you need to decide what deck you wish to run ! Shortly the meta-game will change (meta game being what is most frequently played or used in tournaments) due to Plasma Storm being released very soon.
    I would advise that you invest in single cards such as good Supporters such as "Skyla", "N","Professor Juniper" and "Cheren" since they are the core of any deck.
    If you wish to buy booster packs instead, Dark Explorers is a great set to purchase since it includes 3 of those 4 already and you can get good EXs from it.
    Boundaries Crossed and Dragon's Vault are great sets too, however you can purchase collector tins such as "Darkai EX, Mewtwo EX and Rayquaza EX". These ALL see play in the current format.
    In terms of collecting, it is up to you what sets that you wish to start from. You could go from base Set all the way up to Black and White.
    If you need any advice on building a deck, you can have a look at what decks are posted already in the "TCG Deck Review" section or ask myself/others about strategies or current decks already in this format.
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