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    Originally Posted by Nothingtodo View Post
    Hey, thanks for the hint, man
    I've played around 50 hours, just because it's such a cool game, good job
    My team:

    Infernape: lv. 92
    Sceptile: lv. 91
    Alakazam: lv. 90
    Mew: lv. 96
    before I catched Mew, I had a Zoroark lv. 94
    Gyarados: lv. 93
    Kingdra: lv.92
    Very good team! Very balanced in terms of levels and types.

    What's your time when you make your Hall of Fame debut? You can look at Trainer Card back. The answer is useful to balance the game.

    Originally Posted by Scorpiopt View Post
    wish there was a way to compile this to android , so i could play on my tablet :D
    using teamviewer is a pain
    Me too. Better compatibility, probably is the thing that I most wish from RPG Maker.

    Originally Posted by beautifly1992 View Post
    where do i find Deino, Mienfoo and skitty and i don't understand the pokedex when it showing where it shown where pokemon are and i was wondering if you have a list f pokemon and where to find them so it makes it wee bit easier. thank you

    p.s this game is so adictive

    p.p.s you are one of few people who reply to most comments thanks .
    You can check the location correspondence using the Town Map (the Pokémon Center has one).

    I made a pseudo documentation about some things like this to help me, although I can check a list of locations with the researcher at the Research and Development Center.

    Deino: At sea, VERY rare.

    Mienfoo: At sea.

    Skitty: In Local Trade Station by a Meowth.

    Even the posts that I didn't reply I read. Thanks everybody for posting here!
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