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    "Sorry for not telling you earlier, I mean, it was rude of me. I'm Grey, the lamest- yet one of the nicest- Team Plasma members. Nice to meet you!" Grey said. Then he thought, Why did I tell him I am a member of Team Plasma?! He's not going to help me now... I'll be stuck on Route 1 forever... Grey smiled at Leon, and said, "And I am also sorry for stopping your progress, I just need the help of someone, so I can get off of this route. I understand if you don't want to help, seeing as Team Plasma is completely hated throught Unova now. As for my Eevee, his name is Harry, and I agree, I have seen them in contests on television before, and they are absolutely amazing. This little guy actually deserves a conest, after what he's been through." Grey then pets Harry behind the ears, as Harry has liked since being found.
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