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Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
Sorry, I'm not one of those "loner" emo kids who cuts himself while wishing death on people who dislike him. Why do that and let the bully win when instead you could stand up to him instead, showing him that you have the confidence to fight back? Wishing death on anyone, except for people who are genuinely atrocious (people such as Hitler, bin Laden, etc.), is overkill (no pun intended).

Just think of this: Wishing death on bullies is the kind of train of thought that causes school shootings.
This is a terribly insensitive point. I'm obviously no advocate of self-harm or indeed wishing death on your bullies, but just because you are supposedly strong enough to fight anyone who dared bully you doesn't mean everyone is. If you try to "stand up" to someone twice your size (and possibly with a gang of people equally large backing them up), you're an idiot.

But as for the topic at hand, I don't think there's a problem with any feeling towards a death, really. Despite being quite a heartless person on occasion, I don't believe I'd be happy about the death of much anyone. That said, I've seen terrible bullying and find it perfectly understandable for someone at the receiving end of that to not care (or even be relieved by) the death of the person who inflicted that upon them. A death is always a waste, yes, and one would generally feel bad for the relatives of the one who died (although I wonder how one would react if they found the relatives equally contemptuous?), but I wouldn't judge someone who was happy about the death of a person who negatively impacted their life, no.

And to the people who've said they wouldn't be pleased - if any of you were being bullied to the extent where you genuinely feared for your wellbeing (or even your life), how would you react to the death of the person making you fear for it? I realise that's very similar to the main question but I find taking it to the extreme is generally a good way to test if people are flexible at all. Personally I'd be hugely relieved, and I've no shame in admitting to that.
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