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    A part of me would quite like to see multiple camera options, actually. Perhaps a choice from the classic "top-down" perspective, a default "3D" perspective, and a "free roaming" perspective? That way you can play the game without worrying about the camera, pan it any way you please if you want to take in the scenery, or keep it fixed in a classic position if you're not really all that taken with the graphics. Despite the potential disaster for player-controlled camera options, I'd still like to see them in there.

    As for cutscenes...well, I wouldn't lose any sleep over them if they weren't in there. Graphically, the ones in Black 2 were very impressive, but that was pretty much all they were...they weren't particularly impressive otherwise. Sprites probably would have done, to be honest; they just didn't click with me. It didn't make the moment any more impressive. So, if they're going to roll with the cutscenes, I'd like to see a little more effort put into making them more cinematic and interesting.
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