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Originally Posted by outfox View Post
Osama Bin Laden =/= someone who committed indecent behavior toward you a few times in their life.
You missed the point entirely. The point is that death does not make someone a saint and you should not be expected to forgive all of their wrongs simply because they're dead. Sometimes bad people die. It doesn't make them not bad people. I won't go out of my way to speak ill of the dead, but I won't lie about my thoughts if questioned and I won't feel bad for maintaining a poor opinion of that person.

I think it's perfectly fine to mourn over the death of a fellow human being regardless of their actions; after all, they may not have been given the chance to learn from their actions and change. There are too many different factors to consider to give a straight answer on what one is expected to feel, but anyone experiencing bullying prior to their bully's death has every right to feel whatever they feel.
Bin Laden was a human, too. Not a very good one, but he still was.
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