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    I follow various threads on people completing the games, as well as LPs on YouTube, just to see what random stuff people use to finish the game. I tend to use the same team over and over, only trying something new when I'm forced to (like in BW). I like to beat the games on my first try and obviously I prepare beforehand by carefully choosing my team of six from the available Pokémon.

    In many of these playthroughs, I've seen people with incredibly overleveled Pokémon.

    Of course, many of the challenges in this forum almost require you to overlevel, because otherwise the game is nearly impossible to finish. My question is, how to reach such high levels? I've seen people say they had Pokémon in their mid-50's during the E4 in HGSS, but I don't know how feasible this is, when I usually reach the Victory Road with L42 Pokémon. Same thing in FRLG, in one walkthrough on GameFAQs the guy had L60 Pokémon at the E4 while I barely make it to the 50's...

    I want to find this magical formula of grinding in the games! Where could I possibly grind in each game to reach such high levels?

    I opened this thread in this section because I wish to discuss all Pokémon games, I play them all so I'm naturally interested in all of them.

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