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Originally Posted by GreatTornado View Post
Why would you need a gun anyway? If someone was trying to kill you, you'd go to the police. If you were hunting, you could spare the poor animal's life and go buy the same animal as food from a store or market. Unless an apocalyptic situation befalls humanity, there really isn't a reason for guns to even EXIST. What ever happened to "Make Love, Not War?"
I think they'd be quite useful if your house is robbed while you're there. I know I'd feel more comfortable having one in my home.

That said, the gun laws in the US are insane. It needs regulation and it baffles me to see so many people so passionately against the idea. The fact that assigning armed security guards to schools is seen as a viable alternative to restricting gun access is hilarious to me as an outsider, but were I a citizen of the US I'd be horrified at the country's attitude.
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