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    Lucario- Thanks, that's very encouraging. Don't worry, I'm still chugging forward

    Archanon- Yeah, I know about the hidden aquarium thing- actually, if you look a little bit up on this very page, I've already linked a patch to fix that though. c:
    Toggle for running shoes would be nice. I'm not sure if I can arrange that myself, though.
    If you hit the F1 key in game, it should bring up a menu with an option to mute. Also, if you go into your computer's volume settings and look for the mixer, you could also just turn down the volume of the program individually.
    I am well aware that the main-city theme gets kinda repetitive- SO I've already started breaking it down and making theme variants for each ward.
    I got y'all.

    could possibly have some screens of the new episode in the next week or so
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