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    Kemono Vera
    Kaitlyn rested her chin on her palm, as she clicked about the screen and avoided all the other primitive screwheads that would try to suckerpunch her character in the dubious event that they might be able to make use of her identity. Yeah, they could take her prescription, but nothing she knew of could stop her from starting anew and stomping on them at a later date, which was a rather good idea, actually. If she could bother to find the energy for vengeance on somebody that would end up with a prescription for anti-depression meds. Still, dancing through the Daemons was a rather fun activity, until she realized that it would take her far too long to get to the Plains. A few hours of straight clicking would be especially dull, given the fact that all of her neat toys were taken away.

    It was perhaps by sheer luck, then, that somebody was seeking allies in a rare moment of clarity, and the words that popped up on the corner of her screen helpfully directed her to the pillar of light that sat in the center of this arena. Clearly a challenge presented by ICARUS for the smart or foolhardy, because anything could have waited on the opposite side of those chunks of XP. A boss of some sort was the most likely option, and there was the challenge of having to fight through the horde or seeing through the chaos to find the yelling DAEMON. Whether they could have done so was yet to be seen, but she had, and changed her direction with a swift click of the Razer.

    In practically no time at all, for those who didn't know how to exploit the pathfinding, Kemono Vera had arrived near the furry DAEMON and another fellow claiming to be quick. She wasn't used to teamwork in any activity, really, and hadn't played anything but solo in many years, so she decided to type her proficiencies, as she'd heard somewhere that leaders knew how to best make use of mixed skills. "Used to solo. Unarmed, quick, acrobatic. Plan?"