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    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    Alright guys, this should be a perfect PC!

    Now I need ideas and help on making the adoption agency main lobby, its pretty much like a safari zone-esque area, and this is the entrance to it; the person on the left informs you of the facility, while the person on the right allows you to enter. What would be some good ideas for it? I made it a while back just for a place holder, and now I'm remaking it and cant think of any good ideas on it and want your opinions!
    The two plants aren't on the same line and it bothers my brain, and the glass counter for the mart is positioned wrong. The clerk event needs to be one tile forward, and the fact that one of the mart stocky merchandise thing is facing the wall is also brain-bothering.

    Do you get to throw rocks in the adoption agency?
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