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    Originally Posted by WinterKirby View Post
    The two plants aren't on the same line and it bothers my brain, and the glass counter for the mart is positioned wrong. The clerk event needs to be one tile forward, and the fact that one of the mart stocky merchandise thing is facing the wall is also brain-bothering.

    Do you get to throw rocks in the adoption agency?
    yeah, all those things were minor things I didn't even realize x.x
    and I never knew they were like separate shelves O.O that blew my mind hahahahaha, all fixed Here.

    and no, thats cruel! they're babies! xDDD
    you go through the yard and battle as many babies as you want they're all Lv 7, and you can use any pokeballs.

    You point out even the slightest things wrong in my maps that I don't even know exist! You must have good ideas for a lobby right? :D

    I finally finished Fearow's 7 evolutions, here are the 2 additions:

    and here are all of the evolutions of all 3 pokemon (fearow growlithe eevee)
    a whopping 24 pokemon!

    I've been up for hours, way into early morning, working all night on my game, and I have 2 new screenies for you guys!

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