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Before Ryuujinx had reached the center of the arena, she noticed a pillar of light flashing there. It became a strange, blue hue reaching upwards. From nowhere, some large monsters spawned just nearby the pillar. Darn it. She had planned to go there to more easily locate Charcoat, Haruhi's blue Charmander DAEMON who usually wore a cool little coat and fedora. But now it would be just as dangerous to go to the middle as to stay in the-

A tail of some sort smacked into Ryuujinx' face and slammed her to the floor between the rows of seats. She blinked and frenetically waved her arms and claws around to try and get the thick tail away. A snake's face came slithering into the air above her own, smiling cleverly. "It's just a game," the snake DAEMON's human hissed through his mic. It was not much more than a whisper, but he was close enough for CLOUD to relate the sound well enough to Ryuujinx.

No way. The white dragon narrowed her eyes and whipped her own, rather long tail against the body of the snake. That distracted it and let Ryuujinx use her sharp teeth to bite down into the snake's tail that was holding her against the floor. The snake's health bar went down a bit - having a mouth with teeth gave a DAEMON the innate ability to bite inside of CLOUD, even though you would have to train and earn skill upgrades to really make it an efficient battle technique. Ryuujinx had not used it at all much before but now she would surely reconsider putting some effort into earning this skill. When she began rising in levels anew. She had no intention to get killed already.

The snake shuddered from getting damaged unexpectedly, which allowed Ryuujinx to squirm away. She jumped up and clawed the snake in its face, but earned another slap from the tail in return, sending her down into a seat. Luckily, even though she might have wanted to take on this snake on her own just to make it learn its place, another DAEMON took advantage of the situation and jumped the snake behind all of a sudden. It was some sort of purple bear who used its biting skill too. But the bear had clearly bitten more DAEMONS than Ryuujinx had already since the reset; it actually did damage and soon enough the snake evaporized and the bear was left with its key to control. By then, Ryuujinx was gone from the spot though.

"Charcoat, Charcoat..." she muttered when she jumped the last rows near the center of the arena. She could not spot Haruhi's DAEMON nor the golem that supposedly protected her anywhere. But near the middle, there were some other DAEMONS that didn't seem eager to attack each other blindly at least. Instinctively, Ryuujinx put her back towards them and concentrated on fending off any less rational DAEMONS that had until now been behind her. She just hoped that she had guessed right about the mentality of the DAEMONS that were now behind her. It could be unpleasant within a few seconds, otherwise.

When she heard one of them shout "Party up, party up!" she let out a sigh of relief though, and closed in on the one who had shouted. The pillar of light was in front of them - but in between, several ugly monsters were. And more highly leveled than them, for sure... Ryuujinx was still at the bottom of the reset. But yeah, the exits were still crowded to infinity with crazy players. The blue light was a much better guess; it was surely a teleport gate.

"Party up!" the white, pink and turquoise and whatnot dragon echoed. "How high are the levels of those monsters? We're..." She had been about to say that they were weak now but her pride and all the effort she used to put into training with her guild when she had finally escaped the chains of business that her father used to put on her... She just couldn't call herself weak, even though she knew she probably was now. An ugly snake had just slammed her to the floor, goddammit.

"Uh, I'm ready," she just said instead. Then she turned to the DAEMON who had just announced in text form that she was used to going solo. "Plan?" She could think of a plan. She wasn't stupid, her work had forced her to be a planner even though she really loved being spontaneous rather. "Let's pick one monster. Anyone who feels confident in fighting close up, since we've got no real skills or weapons now, can take it on in a group. The rest can try to keep the other monsters at bay until the first one is slain, and then we switch monster to focus on and so on... Also, no trying to kill each other instead because that's just horrible. What do you think?"

She hoped she had talked loud enough into the mic for CLOUD to transmit her voice to everyone that she had meant to reach. Those who didn't have sound turned on probably saw a translated text message instead and that could have reached more people in this chaos. Dammit, maybe she should have just written it to begin with; sound wasn't a sound way of communicating in this mess. Pun intended.
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