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    Originally Posted by Ayutac View Post
    I'm terrible sorry for assuming you wrote in Java instead of Python! I just... saw two Java Engines and then there's another engine and if I recall correctly there wasn't a hint of not using Java, so I assumed... Again, I'm sorry. My post is kinda irrelevant under these circumstances.
    Nevertheless your arguments are good. I'm the kind of guy who simply does not think of certain arguments. So... thanks.

    Anyhow, I thought posting such projects would include the intention to finish it?
    Fair enough, you're making a fair point though, and your thread is well worth reading.

    I am hoping to finish this engine, but looking at other engines out there I can see that it's very rare for that to happen. But maybe this one will break through and actually become useful for game production, who knows?

    With that in mind, I've decided it's worth uploading the engine as is, so it should now be attached to the main post. Hopefully people can start trying it out, and let me know what they think, and any programmers can inspect my code
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