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A boot prodded Doron. He awoke. Hell broke loose. "WHO IN THEIR BLOODY RIGHT MIND WOULD DARE TO ASSAULT ME?" Before he looked to see who had prodded him, he swung his hammer-hand, narrowly missing a young Hylian's face. Doron wasn't drunk. He was having a hang over. He stood up in a blaze of fury. Big mistake. "MY DAMNED HEAD IS ACHING UP A STORM!" He informed everyone within a mile. The thunderous voice echoed off the walls, reminding Doron who he was truly angry at. "Listen here, laddy. Those so-called 'guards' are RUDDY FOOLS!" He said the last part just loud enough so the guards could hear it. "I'll forgive ye' for poking me with your little chicken foot." He pointed to the Hylian's foot, which seemed dwarven compared to the Goron's feet. "They won't even let you have a NICE DRINK OF ALE!" He again emphasized the last part. "I don't suggest goin' in there." Doron was in pain. His head was pounding, but he couldn't remember the Stalchild attack.