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    Originally Posted by François View Post
    I think you're seriously overestimating how nicely the mugger is going to treat you. You think anyone would give you enough time to take out your phone, dial the number, tell the police you're being robbed AND where you are? I find that hard to imagine.
    I think you didn't understand what my first post was about.

    Originally Posted by GreatTornado View Post
    Why would you need a gun anyway? If someone was trying to kill you, you'd go to the police.
    Nothing to do with mugging at all. If someone was trying to kill you, there'd be a very high chance that you'd know it was happening. Then you would go up to the police and say "Hey, someone's trying to kill me, I need help" (Well, not exactly like that, but you get the point) and from my understanding (I don't actually live in the united states, so correct me if I am wrong) you would be placed into a Witness Protection Program sort of thing.
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