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Originally Posted by Piplup - Hacker View Post
I PM'd you. I wasn't even trying to embarress you. I was being as respectful as I could. You need to calm down. Like I said, if you asked and he said yes, it's fine. If not, remove them.
The purpose of my message was simple, to make sure they weren't stolen.
Thank you.
Dont tell me to calm down.
I have every right to be pissed at you whynot, read over your comment again.
'ill give you the benifit of the doubt' who do you think you are?
Dont even answer that, dont visit this thread it doesnt want you viewing it lol.

Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
If you have permission, then you've got nothing to worry about. I wouldn't let other people's theories bother me if I were you, though you should throw something in the credits section just to satisfy genuine curiosity.

At any rate, I like your hack. Graphically it looks like you worked hard to insert and get everything in working order. The scripts look really well done and interesting too. The player actually talking is a nice touch, and something not many hackers tend to end up doing.
I look forward to seeing more on this hack.
I thought red-ex was already in the credits, ill double check..
And thank you, im glad you like it so far!
And yes the reason for the player talking is to show off the mugshots.
Thank you for your comment
Pokémon Ice Version

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