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Shut up Gonzo.

Moosik, it's your choice for Togekiss. Speed or bulkiness. TBH, I haven't found speed to be useful for Togekiss. Stuff with Prankster will paralyze it or folks will kill it ASAP regardless because the memory of flinchkiss is in their minds.

I dislike using Heatran as well. I tried it a few times and it just doesn't work. At least, it doesn't work on my team. It's fast, sure, but it's a friggin' glass cannon. All you can really do is slap a Focus Sash on it and hope it doesn't die. Taunt isn't too helpful because everything but Tornadus/Thundurus will pretty much be attacking or using Protect. Maybe try using Volcarona? It might be better able to fill the slot that Heatran is in.

Volcarona w/ Focus Sash or Choice Scarf
Nature: Timid / Modest
~ Heat Wave
~ Bug Buzz
~ Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Ground / Rage Powder
~ Protect

Sash will allow it to get a hit in, if your opponent doesn't decide to double-target it. You might be able to fit Quiver Dance in there somewhere, if you're confident that you'll be able to get one off. If you're gonna go the scarf route, replace Protect with something else. I think Scarf will work better, because it's guaranteed that you'll get a move off. Volcarona is bulky enough that unless you're dealing with a double-water pair or get double targetted, it should be able deal 2 hits before it goes down. Its special attack is pretty beastly.

Scizor feels off in your team, I can't tell why right now. It's just a feeling. In the meanwhile, try changing some things and see what works and doesn't and if there's any new issues that surface.

Btw, you forgot your item on Hitmontop. If you're tired of spread moves, you can try exchanging Protect with Wide Guard. That'll completely nullify any spread moves, but you lose your guaranteed Protect.
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