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Sorry guys! Been a little too busy to do so many pricings in one go!

Originally Posted by Zahri View Post
I'd like to hear the prices on the first edition dark charizard page please, the one with nothing but fire pokemon.

And to clarify, every page is nothing but holos.

Ninetales Shadowed Base Set - $3 to $6.
Promo movie Entei - $1 to $3.
Flareon Jungle - $3 to $5.
1st Edition Dark Charizard Team Rocket - $13 to $18.
Moltres Fossil - $3 to $6.
Japanese Blaine's Moltres Gym Series 2 - $3 to $6.
Japanese Neo Genesis Typhlosion (English equivalent being the 17/111 Typhlosion) - $2 to $4.
Japanese Blaine's Arcanine Gym Series 2 - $3 to $5.
Japanese Blaine's Charizard Gym Series 2 - $5 to $10.

Next page, please.

Originally Posted by PigsOutsider View Post
I paid 22 USD for my psa10 Celebi neo revelation 1st so I guess thats alright, as for the PSA6 holo i decided not to purchase. Id rather a better condition
Definitely wasn't something the original owner should have gotten PSA graded, though.

Originally Posted by aasherknight View Post
I think that the scyther is a first edition, not sure though.
It has to have a little black circle with a transparent 1 on it printed just outside the bottom left corner of the picture.

1st Edition: $5 to $8.
Unlimited Print: $2 to $4.

Originally Posted by PigsOutsider View Post
How much is a 1st edition Jungle Moltres holo worth NM/Mint?
Jungle Moltres? Are you sure you don't mean Fossil Moltres? There's no Jungle Moltres card.

1st Edition Fossil Moltres - $6 to $9.

Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
Haunter 50hp 6/62 black star , has some weird claw under the right side of the pic
Alakazam 80hp 1/102 black star
Ninetales 80hp 12/102 black star
Hitmonchan 70hp 7/102 black star
Zapdos 90hp 16/102 black star

Mr. Mime 40hp 6/64 jungle black star

Alakazam 80hp 1/130 black star 2nd edition
Clefairy 40hp 6/130 black star 2nd edition

Dark Charmeleon 50hp FIRST EDITION 32/82 black diamond, Theres an R under the right of the picture
Dark Energy 104/111 White star, also above that are 2 white stars over lapping each other
Dark Charizard 80hp FIRST EDITION 21/82 black star, Theres an R under the right of the picture
Elekid 30hp 22/111 black star, there is 2 white stars over lapping each other under the right of the picture
Dragonite 90hp promo card, 5, (black star under picture with promo) and kids WB presents pokemon the first movie in gold on the picture.
Mew 50hp promo card, 8, (black star under picture with promo)

Japanese Holo cards:
Blaine's Arcanine hp 90 No. 059 black star LV. 42
Togetic hp 60 No. 176 black star LV. 31 also 2 white over lapping stars under right of picture.

Japanese REVERSE Halo cards:
Togepi hp 40 LV. 10 black palm tree under right of picture
Vileplume hp 70 No. 045 LV.30 black palm tree under right of picture

Japanese NONE Holo card:
Sneasel hp 60 No. 215 white star, two white stars over lapping under right of picture LV. 34

The last one I have, is ancient mew I believe. the whole thing is in hieroglyphics and all shiny, picture and all. and the back of the card is shiny too. I think it's a promo card.

I know there is a lot of em and I'm terribly sorry for the trouble. But if anyone can help me out I would be so greatful. I hope I gave enough information to be able to locate and price the cards. Oh and they are all in nearly mint condition.

Thank you soo soo much guys!

Also If thats to many cards to price, if you could just price the ones for me that are the most valuable I'm gonna try to sell them ASAP. Thanks guys! :]
Snipped it down to those top 5 cards for now, and I will need a bit more info (ideally in the form of pictures) for at least a few of these. Will do the others over the course of the next week in bunches of 2 due to personal time constraints and the fact that I anticipate others will post here asking for prices over the week. It's not that these 5 are the most valuable of them or anything, they're just at the top of the list.

Haunter Fossil (holo) - $1 to $3.
Alakazam Base Set (holo) (the 1/102 one) - I need to know if this has a shadow around the right and bottom sides of the picture or not. This affects the value noticeably.
Same goes for Hitmonchan, Ninetales, and Zapdos.

And since I need more info for 4 of the first 5, I'll go ahead and just price the next one down the list real quickly.

1st Edition Mr. Mime Jungle - $6 to $10.

Originally Posted by o Pikachu o View Post
Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green Ultra Rare Card - Charizard ex 105/112 NM

Charizard * - 100/101 - Ultra-Rare (Ex Dragon Frontiers) NM

I wanna buy one or the other and I saw them for similar prices and I wanna know which one is worth more.
Charizard ex FRLG - $30 to $50.
Charizard Shining Star Delta Species Dragon Frontiers - $60 to $80.

I think you have your answer.

Originally Posted by forashorttimeonly View Post
I am new here so please be gentle. I have a card that appears to be a mistake (but I can't find it listed on various sites that list cards with errors). The card in question is a Poliwhirl 60HP. down the bottom is is 1999Wizards 38/102.

the issue with the card is that on the top it says "Evolves from Weedle" but this isn't the case. I have seen this card online a number of times saying "evolves from Poliwag".

Is this a common mistake and is the card worth anything ?

Any help would be appreciated.
Sounds like a fake. Don't see anything about it on Bulbapedia's Error Card page. Would help in identifying it to see some pictures of the card, though.

Originally Posted by builderkid107 View Post
Hello, I have 20 sheets of uncut Cards from the first movie at burger king. Does anyone know how much they're worth?
Last time they sold on eBay, 20 sheets went for $5. So somewhere between $5 and $10 is what you're likely to get. If you're lucky they'll go for $15.
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