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Erika Alessandra Lombardi

After one solid hour of playing, Erika was able to get Starflower out of the danger zones and into safety. But at the same time she wanted to join in the chaotic fights and regain her levels. Hoping to regain her strength and power, even though she had zero experience in fighting with other monsters. The fight would be risky, though. Starflower had no weapons, no powers, nothing to attack with but her long ferret tail and her four short legs. All of them weren't even made for fighting. Her ability to extend her geranium tail was taken away...she would use it, but it would break in half.

Erika felt exhausted, dizzy, after gluing her eyes on her dual monitor screens during one solid hour. Robert's text, the one she got earlier, was never responded to. He had already sent her another message just five minutes ago. For that one, she refused to read it as well. Every five minutes that gone by, her phone would vibrate...reminding her of her text messages being unread.

“I reeeeeally don't want to eat breakfast with you, Robert! Please.” She shouted at her phone. It distracted her a bit, afterwards, she continued with her gameplay as Starflower finally came out of hiding. "I can't take this anymore. I gotta go fight!"

Bipedal, the ferret DAEMON walked slowly to catch an eye on the chaotic monsters that were creating this whole thing, creating this chaotic distress with the other DAEMONs. She turned around, right behind her, a brown dragon DAEMON was completely eliminated by one of the monsters. Poor dragon...

But there was something on the floor. Starflower was curious to see what it was. The black monster DAEMON faced Starflower and flapped its wings slowly. It was more than ready to attack her, and possibly eliminate her off the face of this virtual world, and Erika's vital information would be lost. That would double the keys for the monster facing Starflower.

“You want my information? Come and get it!”

The black colored monster DAEMON flew swiftly towards Starflower, as she dropped down as a quadruped, missing the dragon's potentially deadly attack. Then she kicked him in the groin with her hind legs and tail. The DAEMON was launched up high, but the power was not enough for her to eliminate him. The monster roared. Starflower turned around, laying on the ground with her back, she flipped back...standing on her two feet again and slammed the monster with her bare head. She took substantial damage from that hit, but the monster was pushed back far away from her. She didn't completely eliminate the monster yet, but she was interested in doing so.

Erika's heart a human percussionist was inside of her slamming it.

Adrenaline rushed through her during those last several minutes. She knew that she was just getting started. She became curious of the item on the floor before she got distracted by the monster. Erika finally surrendered, no longer holding in anymore from the fighting. This was war. Starflower was no longer the fashion designer for CLOUD, she had begun her transition to warrior.

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