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Hey there guys! This is Rainbow, welcome to the club! Both of you have some interesting choices that I like, ahahaha Muk I've always loved for being a beautiful gloop of goo, it has some interesting moves and I just find it a cool Pokemon in general! AHH I LOVE YOU FOR PICKING SWALOT COURAGE HOUND <3333. Swalot is an adorable Pokemon, it might not be one of the best battlers but its face is so derpy and adorable, I find it hard not to love :<. Haha I haven't watched the anime much unfortunately but that sounds brilliant :3! And yes, they're both similar I have to agree :D.

Hey Jelli! Nice of you to join :3.Ahhh you picked some adorable and cute Pokemon! Gulpin,gulpin,gulpin the official mascot of the club <3. Haha I've tried using Gulpin in battle, at first I didn't except it to be strong in the slightest but I highly underestimated it, I loved it! And Ditto certainly is an interesting Pokemon being able to completely copy off another as in Pokemon and moves, it's just an interesting concept. Paha I get the name though, transformers :3, nice one! Well both of you hope you have a great time here and enjoy yourself alright?
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