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Username: venetianghost

Skill: Spriter, Writer

Applying For: OW Spriter, Storyline (not technically a position, but I would like to help with it just the same).

Experience: ~2 Years of Experimentation with Gen 3 games (OW Spriting, Pokemon Spriting and Insertion), I am also a decent writer for creative projects (I know how to storyboard, and cool stuff like that, I'm even going to school for it in the fall). I am also a writer, with an original Science/Historical Fiction novel in the works (and several fan-fictions on deviantArt). The only thing keeping me from creating my own hack is the lack of scripting experience.

Timezone: GMT-5:00 (US Eastern Time Zone)

Contact Info: [email protected]

Messenger: PM, Skype Username: matt--taylor
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