Thread: [Discussion] Why does ROM Hacking outshine us?
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    Originally Posted by Yamiidenryuu View Post
    I think someone on one of the other threads mentioned that there're more tools to aid in development for ROM hacking than there are for the kind of programs used in GD, too, but I have no idea how true that is.
    I think that might have been me, but I was referring to Essentials, not necessarily Game Dev. If you take a look at all of the tools for ROM hacking, they all look easier than using Essentials or programming from scratch.

    They look nice. It has simple line fields you edit and easy buttons you click when you want to add something. Honestly, it seems easier if you use a program specifically made for the purpose you need. If Cilerba's PBS editor was complete and he also makes a mapping software to replace RPG Maker's and looks like Advance Map, I bet people will really start making the transfer. Let's face it, text files are boring wall and maybe Essentials needs a few upgrades.

    It's time someone starts working on something like this. Whether it's for Essentials or for a superior engine...

    Originally Posted by Piplup - Hacker View Post
    As a ROM hacker, I can tell you the answer.
    People like a challenge. When you're hacking you take the limitations you have and you try your best to make something amazing out of it! It's awesome, in my opinion.
    I have RPG Maker and tried it out, and honestly it's TOO easy for me :s
    There's more of a challenge when making your own game if you do it right and make something innovative. Less limitations means more potential.
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