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Fara O'Shay
Route 30/Route 31/Dark Cave
Fara produced one of her heart-warming smiles and took off down Route 30. She wondered if she could actually befriend Birdie he seemed like a decent guy and they had made a connection. How could she trust him? How could she trust any of the other players? If any of them were as mischievous as her, well, Fara knew she just wanted the company even if that meant letting someone else get close. With Bandino in her arms she trudged toward to Route 31 where she would catch herself a Geodude to defeat Faulkner. Purposely she ignored Birdie as if he wasn’t there and instead whispered things to the partner in her arms. The landscape reminded Amell of all the hours he sat and played SoulSilver on his living room couch. Never in a billion years did he have the thought that one day he would enter a virtual world and play the game that way.

As they reached the stairs that lead up to Route 31 Fara hesitated to make another step forward. She slowly turned her head to look at Birdie before she carried on. Within a few seconds several Bellsprout attacked but Bandino was a bit too eager to finish them off. After each defeat Fara greatly praised Bandino either she patted on him the head or clapped on the sidelines. Eventually they reached the entrance to the cave, which had an eerie appeal to it. Fara could only imagine how it felt on the inside.

“Wait here,” Fara was certain there wasn’t going to be enough light inside and she didn’t want Birdie to block any of it. “Be a lookout?”

Confidence swelled inside of her and she was ready to capture her a Pokémon. A few steps later Fara was inside of the dark cave where Pokémon growls bounced off the walls. There was a drip of water somewhere out there in the beyond but Fara stood frozen in place. Bandino’s large purple ears instantly became alert while his head swung every which way. In the video games Geodudes came into battle every three step so she knew it wouldn’t be long before she ran into one. It took less than three steps for Fara to be engaged in battle as Bandino had charged forward and ran straight into a rock that was different than the others around it.

“Bandino, let’s go with Double Kick!” Fara commanded.

She threw out her arm to point at the rock that moved. Her purple partner launched into an attack where it jumped in front of the rock type Pokémon then turned around and landed the attack. Fighting type moves were super effective against Geodude so she would have to use a Pokeball now and not let Bandino attack again. Before Fara had the chance to the other Pokémon picked up a rock and hurled it at Bandino, which struck him right on the horn. An urge to run and protect Bandino from harm overwhelmed her but she still kept focused on the task. She slipped her fingers into her bag and clutched a sphere and launched it at the Pokémon opposite of her own. The half red, half white ball opened up and sucked Geodude inside. Three slow wiggles later and the Pokéball stopped, which signaled she had caught it.
After a bit of loud celebration Fara picked up the Pokéball, it was her first official Pokémon catch. An option menu popped up that asked her if she wanted to name her male Geodude. Fara tapped on the “Yes” option before she typed in the name Yast. Satisfied with her catch she spun on her heels and headed toward the exit with Bandino who walked beside her. A creature ran out from some place in the cave in and blocked the exit. When Fara got closer she saw that it was a small orange-brown bear with a crescent moon on its forehead. The Pokémon was clearly very upset as it was pointing and speaking quite a bit. Was there a Pokémon-to-English translator in this game? Amell couldn’t remember if he had read that there was one or not so he just assumed there wasn’t. They weren’t going to get out of this cave without a fight.

“You know what to do!”

Luckily Double Kick was super effective against normal types as well. The enraged Teddiursa launched its attack first before Fara had even finished her sentence. It’s sharpened claws scratched at Bandino, which caused him to shriek in pain. Fara gritted her teeth as Bandino returned the pain with two kicks straight to the bear’s face, which knocked it off its feet. Unlike Geodude this Teddiursa had a lot more fight in it than it looked like and charged at Bandino once again.

“Poison Sting,” she hoped that Bandino would be able to survive this battle. She couldn’t risk sending out Geodude until she got him healed.

The large horn on Bandino’s head glowed a light purple color right before it crashed into Teddiursa. The blow to the stomach was enough to topple the opponent to the ground. Before Teddiursa had the chance to get up Fara tossed another Pokeball that repeated the same actions it did just a few minutes ago. Well, almost, this time the capturing sphere popped open again, which released the Pokémon that had been inside. Curses escaped the mouth of Fara as Bandino became the victim of yet another attack. If she could capture it with this Pokéball then Bandino wouldn’t faint. Fara bit her lip before she made a decision; she arched back her arm and tossed it at Teddiursa. One… Fara sucked in air. Two… Fara carefully watched not to let her breath out. Three…. Done. Fara gave a great big sigh as she collected her treasure and nicknamed it Survia. This Pokémon most certainly was tough and would help with Faulkner.

“I’m done,” Fara announced as she exited the cave.

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